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Asaqua hopes to empower communities in need to harvest rainwater in constructive and cost-effective ways and to help prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

The issue

In Uganda, women and children have to trudge several miles every day to fetch clean water as potable water sources are not readily accessible to communities. Traditional solid water tanks can cost a typical family in rural Uganda half of their annual income.

The solution

Compared to traditional solid water tanks, Asaqua’s water tank costs only 1/6th of their annual income. This alternative is easy to install and requires only a few steps to assemble and transportation costs are affordable. With Asaqua’s tank, potable water can become more accessible for communities in less developed countries.


Asaqua collaborates with committed locals, NGOs, and research institutes and strives for a sustainable future for our next generation. The water tanks will be introduced to widespread use and ameliorate water crisis in rural localities.


- At least 55 Ugandans;11 low-income families

- 1 NGO

Project team

Carly Leung: Community outreach lead (Graduated in 2019)

Gordon Tse: Project owner (Graduated in 2020)

Dave Poon: Business developer (Graduated in 2020)

Sonal Chandra: Research Lead (Graduated in 2021)


Booster Prize for Social Enterprise 2021, Lingnan University

Funding source

Innovation and Impact Fund - Faculty Stream (2019-2020)

Classification of project 

Environment-friendly / SDG 6: Clean Water and Sanitation

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