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Idyllic Embroidery

Idyllic Embroidery is a shop that specializes in embroidery products. They focus on selling embroidery kits and tailor-made embroidery decorations, such as TOTE bag, cushions, and ornament.

The issue

Embroidery is a traditional Chinese craft, but it is facing a crisis of being gradually eliminated in modern society. Therefore, they hope to use their own power to promote and carry forward the traditional embroidery craftsmanship and also incorporate innovative elements to increase the attractiveness of embroidery. 

The solution

Therefore, Idyllic Embroidery aims to promote embroidery as a new leisure activity and alter people’s mindset on embroidery, that it can be very simple, modern, and down-to-earth. They will cooperate with organizations to hold different kinds of workshops to increase public awareness.


They also set up various workshops, allowing customers and their relatives and friends to experience the fun of embroidery. In so far, students who joined the embroidery workshops as at the end of May will be 30 people. They also cooperate with commission shops and organizations, including: Jun’s embroidery and Coach. In next June, they will also join the ReImagine NTW Weekend Market.


Hong Kong teenagers, and adults who are interested in handicrafts and art-related information.

Project team

HO Tsang, Kelia

Funding source

Support Fund for 2020 Graduates (2020-21)

Classification of project types

Online business: IG Shop, Products & Crafts / embroidery material package / hand-made gifts / customized embroidery paintings / innovative embroidery.

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