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Kayinggstore aims to share the founder’s experiences in physical and mental health, in areas such as weight loss, depression, eating disorder, eczema, nasal allergy, etc. All articles are written by the founder, Kathy, to share her experience, feelings and suggestions to help more people in need.

The issue

Their slogan is: Stay away from chemical compounds, implement a low-carbon life, and regain the connection with nature. They concern about the problem of excessive packaging. Therefore, they adopted concise packaging, and use carton paper bags to help reduce waste production.

The solution

The store sells essential oils, handmade soap and other products dedicated to the body, mind, and spirit. Kathy has used these products to relieve her nose allergy, eczema, and depression. She hopes that these products can help people who have similar health problems. Besides, their handmade soaps are made with natural oils, which are more moisturizing than traditional shower gels. They also use simple and environmental-friendly way to pack their soap in order to contribute to environmental protection.


Kayinggstore shared and provided suggestions and natural products to customers, help them on the aspect of physical and mental health by sharing articles and real-life experience to do content marketing. Help people in busy cities get spiritual support through their small products. Currently, they also providing Tarot services and Theta Healing Services for needy.


Hong Kong people

Project team

Chu Ka Ying

Funding source

Support Fund for 2020 Graduates (2020-21)

Classification of project types

Online business / SDGs 3: Health and well being / Handmade soap / skin care / Low-carbon life

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