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Keen Hope Center 健合堂學術會

Keen Hope Center provide a one-stop service of sports and medical center, integrating martial arts and traditional Chinese diagnosis with relevant products and services.

The issue

They discover that Kwai Chung area is crowded with people and the leisure facilities are lacking and the pandemic has led to people staying at home, which will likely cause physical decline or obesity.

The solution

Hope to arouse the general public's pursuit of a healthy life and provide one-stop service to fulfil customers’ needs. Besides, facilitate Hong Kong people to develop a healthy habit. In addition, Keen Hope Center aims to provide an affordable price for different age groups based on their profession and income level.


Kwai Chung residents

Project team

Mak Hang & Yen Ka Nin

Funding source

Support Fund for 2020 Graduates (2020-21)

Classification of project types

Health and wellbeing, Social equality

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