MOONA is a shop that tried to capture customers with preferences of organic beauty and environmental-friendly by providing natural skincare products.

The issue

Nowadays, more and more skincare products were found to contains harmful substances such as preservatives, minerals, hormones, artificial flavors. However, it is too difficult for customers to know about all the substances inside a product. Apart from that, most sunscreens on the market contain harmful chemicals to the ocean and lead to water pollution. Like oxybenzone and octinoxate.

The solution

MOONA is manufacturing environmentally friendly products more than just natural skincare products which are not harmful to the environment. For example, they emphasize that all products are not tested on animals, and they provide reef-safe sunscreen to minimize the negative impact on our environment. They value the customer's experience by provides individual skincare advice and products targeting different skin types.


They currently have 8869 followers on their Instagram account. MOONA treat their customers honestly and patiently which build up around 100 loyal customers on a monthly basis. In the future, they also plan to promote the zero-package environmental protection business model, further realize the reuse of packaging, and contribute to waste reduction.


Customers with preferences of organic beauty

Project team


Funding source

Support Fund for 2020 Graduates (2020-21)

Classification of project types

Off-line & Online business / Skincare / SDGs 3: Good health and Well-being / SDGs: Responsible consumption and production / Environmentally friendly

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